gCON 2019

Im/material Entanglements: The Meshing of Culture, Communication, and Technology

The Inaugural CNM Graduate Research Conference
23 August 2019, Central Library Theatrette, National University of Singapore

The Organizing Committee of the inaugural CNM Graduate Student Research Conference invites papers and presentations from all matriculated graduate students in the Communications and New Media (CNM) and Cultural Studies in Asia (CSA) program at the National University of Singapore. The Conference is a safe space for budding scholars to share and get feedback on their research, and reflects the support and camaraderie of our student community.

Call for Papers

Everyday life in contemporary society is dominated by the use of digital technology. Individuals are entangled in a mesh of digital technologies and communication networks that mediate their daily activities, shaping social and cultural structures on a scale that is more complicated than in the analog era. A new culture of self-disclosure and surveillance dominates, which is rewriting established ideals of privacy and accountability (Athique 2013, p. 225). Media theorists contend that the classical flaneur- explorer of the analog cityscape is being replaced by the planeur: a spectator of many events taking place elsewhere, yet having limited agency to influence these events (Campanelli 2010, p. 146). As such, this conference welcomes 15-minute-long papers (approximately 2500 words) examining how individuals and cultures interact with--and/or are (un)affected by--the material and immaterial aspects of these technological networks. This conference is particularly interested in exploring the unique issues and challenges that arise when engaging with such an increasingly complex and sophisticated web of networks, especially when these networks inevitably overlap and intertwine with one another.

Potential topics

We are particularly interested in papers addressing these broad themes. If you are unsure if your paper fits the theme, please email [email protected].

  • Advances in health communications

  • The links between social media and fake news

  • Media flows in the global age

  • Heritage studies in the global age

  • Digital activism and social movements

  • Media affordances and new consumer technologies

  • Postfeminist affect studies

  • Art and memory

  • Negotiation between urban and rural spaces/ new urbanisms

  • UX and Immersive media narratives and storytelling


  • Please submit an 250-word abstract by 3 August 2019.
  • Please include a 100-word biographical note with each submission
  • In order to be considered for the Prize categories, email a 15-minute-long paper (approximately 2500 words) to [email protected] by 10 August 2019.
  • Submissions must be either single-authored or first-authored (for multiple-authored papers) by a matriculated CNM and/or CSA graduate student.

If you are ready to submit your abstract for the conference, please click on the "Submit a proposal" button below.

Keynote Speaker

The keynote speaker for gCON 2019 is Nikos Papastergiadis, Professor, School of Culture and Communication at The University of Melbourne.