gCON 2019

Chen Changwen

“How does the logic of "network traffic" affect content production? ---an empirical study based on Wechat Public Platform”

Dennis Ang

“Rethinking Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment”

Liting Kway

“‘The Character’s Destiny is Already Written’: Understanding Perceived Agency Through the Player-Character Relationship in Storygames”

Philip Kwame Boafo

“Reclaiming Space and Engaging Fractured Social Memory: Chalewote Street Art Festival”

Prashanth Thattai Ravikumar

“Looking beyond creative support: An experience of musical co-improvisation”

Susan Shih Chang

“Pasibutbut: Liminality of Embodiment through 3D Soundscape Technology”

Wong Hei Ting

“From physically to spiritually alive: An exploratory study of the voice of Wong Ka Kui”

Xu Xinyue

“New Return and Taste Cultivation: New Millennial Work Ethic and Neo-entrepreneurship in Chinese Coffee Industry”


“Remembering Crisis on Social Media: Collective Memories of Four Chinese Crises on Weibo”