gCON 2020

Recalibrated Introspection

CNM Graduate Research Conference (gCON) 2020
3rd December 2020, Fully Virtual Sessions

The Organizing Committee of gCON 2020 invites papers and presentations from all matriculated graduate students in the Communications and New Media (CNM) and Cultural Studies in Asia (CSA) program at the National University of Singapore. The conference is a safe space for budding scholars to share and get feedback on their research, and reflects the support and camaraderie of our student community.

Call for Papers

Disruption has been a recurring theme in contemporary times. Globalization has disrupted the way goods and services are produced. Social media platforms have disrupted patterns of communication. Artificial intelligence has disrupted jobs and livelihoods. The latest disruption comes in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has accelerated some of these earlier disruptions and brought about its own disruptions on an unprecedented scale in some instances, such as mass lockdowns.

In light of these phenomena, gCON 2020 addresses the theme of disruption, exploring how disruptions influence and shape future understanding of media, technology, and society. We seek fresh ideas and perspectives on identifying key issues and challenges brought about by disruption, and how society should respond and address these issues.

Potential topics

We are particularly interested in papers addressing these broad themes. If you are unsure if your paper fits the theme, please email [email protected].

  • Changing trends in globalization

  • Advances in health and science communications

  • Media and misinformation

  • Digital activism and social movements

  • Media affordances and new consumer technologies

  • Art and memory

  • Changes in everyday life

  • Human computer interaction


  • Please submit an 150-250-word abstract by 20 November 2020.
  • Please include a 100-word biographical note with each submission
  • In order to be considered for the full-paper prize category, email the manuscript (approximately 2500 words) to [email protected] by 1 December 2020.
  • Submissions must be either single-authored or first-authored (for multiple-authored papers) by a matriculated CNM and/or CSA graduate student.

If you are ready to submit your abstract for the conference, please click on the "Submit a proposal" button below.

Keynote Speaker

The keynote speaker for gCON 2020 is Tien Ee Dominic Yeo, Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University.